It’s embarrassing to have acne after puberty! 

Having a skin problem is extremely troubling. Unlike some other diseases everyone can see the disorder.

It’s embarrassing to have acne after puberty!

Having a skin problem is extremely troubling. Unlike some other diseases everyone can see the disorder.

Even though most skin disorders will not cause a

loss of longevity in severe cases it is socially

embarrassing. Acne becomes a symptom you can’t

ignore. Western medicine and skin care products is

used to get rid of the symptom, but in most cases

for a short duration.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is extremely susceptible poor diet, allergies, stress, and even lack of sleep. Short-term symptom relieving solutions are plentiful.

From medication that treats the symptom without solving the underlying problem, Acne (symptom) will reoccur when the medication is not used. If left untreated there could be lasting problems such as scars and discoloration.

Don’t get comfortable being uncomfortable. Solve the underlying problem and become comfortable with your radiant skin.

Treat your problem with a natural solution!

When there is pathogenic influence of heat and damp heat on the meridians Acne will form. This heat may be the product of poor diet, stress, overwork, congenital condition, or many other problems. By finding the correct source of Acne with AcuGraph, there will be revitalizing results. JiLin Acupuncture has treated countless patients with Acne by solving their specific individual problems resulting in a flawless skin.

Synergy of acupuncture to release the meridian block and increasing Qi (vital energy) flow with herbal tonics combined with lifestyle changes giving you overall wellbeing and radiating skin. Treat this problem with an natural and a holistic approach!

How your life will change!

No more embarrassing moments with Acne!

Do not let Acne stop you from socializing and going out to enjoy your life. Regaining your optimum health to deal with any problems, putting the advantage on your side rather than circumstances. By treating the underlying problem you do not have to worry about your symptoms reoccurring and achieve overall wellbeing.

Break free from your Acne and achieve your optimum health!

Have radiant skin and improve your wellbeing! Be at a state of Optimum Health!

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